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Book a practical driver licence test

You'll need:
  • your current New Zealand driver licence
  • a Visa/Mastercard credit or debit card or your internet banking details (POLi) .
Tests you can book online are:
  • restricted tests
  • full tests
  • on road safety tests (for drivers aged 75 and over  - check under question 2B of the summary section on your medical certificate (if required).
Tests that can only be booked at a driver licensing agent  are:
  • tests for P, V or I endorsements
  • overseas driver licence conversions
  • learner licence tests
  • requalifications
  • reinstatements.
Cancelling or changing a test

Another test fee is payable if you change or cancel your test appointment within two working days of the test date. (The two working day period excludes weekends, public holidays, the day of the test and the day you make the change).